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About our Clients

Our clients make products and services that appeal to unique customers.  Does the text below describe you and your business?

Products and Services of Uncompromising Quality, Elegant Design, and Unique Functionality

Your products are designed with a special ethic in mind.  Rather than create something to have the most universal appeal, you created something with a strong personal element.  As a result, the design is strong and free of gimmicks.  In a word, the design is elegant.  Because you demand excellence from yourself, your business never compromises on quality in order to satisfy fashion, trends, or fads.  Combining products and services to access a new level of profitability is a specialty of Nolan Consulting LLC.

Customers who are Elite, Enthusiastic, or Eccentric 

If your business creates, or wants to create, the kind of niche products and services that are described above, then your customer base is composed of the elite, the enthusiastic, and the eccentric.  The elite are those unique customers who, because of their uncommon skill, engage in the same activities that you and your business engage in.  The enthusiastic are those customers who, because of their appreciation of uncommon skill, desire the products and services that the elite use.  The eccentric are those who appreciate quality for the sake of quality.

If you are a new business, the elite will make up a significant part of your customer base.  If, you are a more established business, the elite are already a large part of your customer base.  Nolan Consulting can help you find these elite customers and increase the number of elite customers you already have.  In addition, Nolan Consulting can help you reach the enthusiastic and the eccentric, thereby driving direct to customer sales and creating a crowd for financing.  Our unique expertise and insights allow us to help make those customers feel part of a group, your crowd.  Nolan Consulting can help you organize and energize that crowd to advance the shared interests of that crowd, your business, and you.  This may also require compliance with various laws.  Nolan Law can help you navigate those legal issues.