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Internet Strategies

Getting the Domain names you want 

Contact Nolan Consulting before you search for domain names and before you register your name, business, or logo with any government agency or domain registrar.  We can help you obtain the domain names you want without paying marked up rates. 

Building your client base through email and affiliate marketing 

Nolan Consulting has experience using mass email services.  The options are many, and we can offer guidance on how best to choose.  If you have never tried to send thousands of emails at once, you may not realize that popular email services, even those that cost money, do not permit you to send over one hundred emails at once. 

Nolan Consulting has experience using affiliate marketing to build a client base and generate sales.  The options for affiliate marketing software are also numerous.  We can help guide you to your best choice.  In addition, we can set up and run your affiliate marketing program.

Unique businesses with a unique clientele frequently do not benefit from playing the search engine game by the search engine’s rules.  Instead, your business must be at the top of your crowd’s wish list. Nolan Consulting and its strategies for email and affiliate marketing can help make that happen more effectively and for less money than services offering search engine optimization.